Dabruck & Klein feat. Stella Attar - Heartbeat (Radio Edit)

Hey everyone, sorry i haven't put anything up in a little while but I am gonna try to make it up to you with this track. Another great track coming out of the vaults of Armada music is heartbeat by Dabruck & Klein. Even though Armada music is know for their great trance artists this is a great Progressive House track that i think has a great feel. The primary driving force of the song is a catchy plucky piano part and then the rest of the song builds up on top of that into something wonderful. See for yourself.

On a side note the Ultra Countdown is still going on and we are down to 11 days. I will try to upload pictures and videos from each day but no promises. If there is anyone you want me to check out for you be sure to let me know and ill do my best to do so.

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