About the Bloggers

There are a few of us hanging out here, all electronic music fans with different tastes.  A lot of our genre love overlaps, but listed below for your enlightenment are little blurbs about each of us.  A small disclaimer: we here at AA take ourselves VERY SERIOUSLY and if you ever think we sound a little full of ourselves or we're hyping up a song too much, you can kindly go fuck yourself.  My cat thinks you have shit taste anyway.

sarah - I'm a dubstep and dnb junkie and most of my music will fall into one of those two categories.  I can't help it, I'm addicted to bass.  You'll also see me posting any interesting fidget, electro, and trance I find, and every so often there'll be a little happy hardcore or hardstyle sprinkled in there.  I tend to favour massive, high energy tunes and summery feel-good stuff you'd want to hear while rolling your tits off, but every so often you'll catch me bobbing my head to a good chill tune.  I like to practice music- and drug-aided meditation, so this is pretty much me showing you what I do in my free time.

Alpz - "Question everything."  The experiences of my life are culminating in this simple phrase. No matter where life takes your mind, music will always be there to augment and commemorate. I'm here to share my love of music with the world. Perhaps through my efforts, even just one person's life will be changed for the better. With all that's going on in society today and Western hatred rising to a fever pitch...what better to lose yourself and your worries in than some life enhancing ingestibles accompanied by some perfectly sequenced electronic music to guide the way?

Ian - Hey there music lovers, thanks for stopping by. I have been digging on the electronic music scene since I was 12 and it always bothered me how little of it people heard or knew about.  This is me trying to do my part by opening up people to music they may not have encountered otherwise. My contributions here are mostly going to be in the House and Trance genres; however, if I'm feeling frisky I may throw DnB or Hardcore track in there. I like my music to be as scientific as it is artistic: a great track has a calculated ebb and flow that really draws you into the song.  As a type of art, music has to achieve the goal of art everywhere: conveying a message and causing you to feel something. Whether it chills you out, breaks your brain, or makes you dance around your room in your underwear, if a track can't cause a great reaction then it's not great art.