Joy Orbison - Wet Look

Perhaps some of you are tiring of the recent dubstep craze.  Perhaps you're looking to branch out.  Perhaps you're a newcomer to electronic music and haven't really found a sound you like yet, or even have scorned it all together.  This track could change your mind entirely.

Wet Look is an incredibly unique track matching together the classic dubstep LFO with jazz like synth combined with an interesting drum rhythm.  The way the synth rises, it gives you the feel of breaking through to the surface as if previously submerged underwater.  When you finally breach, the world isn't as you remembered - chaotic and confusing; yet somehow you remain calm trying to make sense of it all.  Don't worry brolos, haven't you been on tripping on peyote for like 5 straight days and couldn't some of this be in your head?

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  1. Mad props for the zoolander refrence