B-Complex - Blissful Ignorance

I haven't spent nearly enough time in my life listening to beautiful flowing liquid.  I'm seeking to remedy that, and here's why.

I'm sorry in advance, but I have a great weakness for piano and wind instruments.  This song incorporates both sounds with great success, weaving them into a happy, slick wave that crashes into you with an epic sound reminiscent of the sort of music video game designers everywhere wish they could incorporate into their games.  It captures melodrama without getting repetitive or dragging, and it resolves into a sweet open melancholy at the end that teases at your heart.  P.S. Have I mentioned the naughty things it did to my subwoofer?

I've heard a few other things by B-Complex 'round the block and I'm becoming a big fan; check out the Beautiful Lies VIP as well!


  1. 1st!!!!!!!!! 1st!!!!!!!!!!! 1st!!!!!!!!!! COMMMMMMMEENNNNTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    B-Complex is my favorite DnB. Also try Sub-Focus!!!!!!!!!! 1st biootch

  2. I like this song a lot. B-complex is damn good