Martin Solveig & Dragonette - Hello

Every year I go to Miami for the Ultra Music Festival and every year there is a "theme song" if you will. One track that seems to be really hot and everybody is spinning in their set regardless of your typical genre. You will hear trance, house, and dubstep remixes of it and this year that track was martin Solveig's Hello. This is a song a lot of you may already be familiar with, it has been out for a while and has gained a lot of popularity recently due to the fact that it is being used in a couple commercials. I know for a fact it is in a trident commercial an I am pretty sure it is in a car commercial as well. But regardless of its whoring out to corporate tools there is a good reason why the corporate tools want to whore it out in the first place, its a fun song. With a track like this you get an upbeat, catchy and fun song that stays in your head for days, and honestly it probably wont bother you that much.

You will notice if you click the link in the title it will take you do a different video for the song. I posted this one down here because it may just be due to the audio quality but i feel like this is a harder hitting and dirtier version.

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